Duel Fuel

With the use of a chrome T piece an electric element may be fitted to a towel warmer so that it can be heated separately when the heating system is turned off. The connection must be made by a competent person

All Electric

Where Electric only warmers are required the rail can be factory adapted to include an electric element that can be connected to an electrical supply by a competent person

Atlantis Thermostatic Element

Standard Element

Megg Chrome Thermostatic Element

Wall Plate Controllers

Thermostatic Factory Filled

Code Watts
TE25 300w
TE60 600w



Thermostatic Duel Fuel

Code Watts
TD30 300w
TD60 600w


Standard Factory Filled

Code Watts
E25 250w
E60 600w



Standard Duel Fuel

Code Watts
D25 300w
D60 600w


Megg Thermostatic Factory Filled

Code Watts



Megg Duel Fuel

Code Watts



Allows the user to reduce or increase the power output of a standard element